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At Cornerstone Estate Management, our clients expect the best. As a luxury estate management firm, that’s precisely what we provide to each client. We take a proactive approach to home management services with a focus on essential details. Our clients know they can count on us for discreet, quality estate management services year-round, even when they are away from home. At Cornerstone, our business is built on trust and integrity. Our clients trust us to make day-to-day estate management decisions on their behalf so that they can enjoy their Aspen home.

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you for your diligent efforts in maintaining our Aspen home to such exacting and excellent standards, in a tangible way."

Chris R.

“Thank you/well done for the thoughtful gifts you made in honor of your clients and for the holidays. The purchase of warm winter jackets for those in need of such help is the very best kind of “gifting”. Helping the less fortunate in one’s community is really a major step in trying to heal the world.”

Kathryn R.

“Thank you Cornerstone for taking better care of my house than I do.”

Holly J.

"Look no further: Cornerstone Property is by far the best home management group we have worked with to date. The house is always ready for arrival…down to the very last detail/specification. They are also very proactive about maintenance issues and are sure to follow up on them after completion. Both Blakes have been happily willing to do anything under the sun that has been requested of them no matter how demanding/daunting the task and they are always reachable whether by phone, email or text. Cornerstone is well worth their weight in gold and I would highly recommend them for any home management situation; big or small, simple or highly demanding….they will have you covered."

A. Lee

“I’ve determined that I need to get our house management situation under control. If every one of our residences were run as efficiently and professionally as you run our Aspen home, I’d be able to add at least an entire day to every week! Thank you again for checking in and for continuing to do such a wonderful job in keeping the Snowmass house looking so great. We truly appreciate it.”

Susan M.

“Blake Appleby / Cornerstone Property Management have maintained our home since 2001. They have been excellent. The house is always ready for arrival. They have done minor repairs, overseen more major repairs and cleaning is very thorough. They’ll do anything you ask (tune bikes and skis, etc.) and respond to your needs timely and are also proactive about maintenance issues. The staff and Blake are at the same high level of commitment to us as clients. We give them the highest recommendation.”

David S.

“Cornerstone is by far the best. While they are not cheap, they also aren’t any more expensive than the others I have used. But the big advantage of Cornerstone is that they are proactive. They tell me when things need to be done – they actually keep up with the property – and treat it much like an owner. In addition, they are very professional and always reachable in minutes. And, hey, they are all good guys."

John A.

“Thanks for your response. We’re hearing lots of positive things about the group at Cornerstone. After our previous experience, we’re very much looking forward to having a timely, proactive property manager.”

Rob H.